Here Are A Few Cars From The Fantastic Le Mans Museum

Carrying 110 million passengers a year, France’s TGV does a lot of people a wealth of good. Not least among its accomplishments is depositing drooling gearheads on the Le Mans station platform a mere 55 minutes after departing Paris. Thus, even when there’s no racing afoot, it makes for an easy excuse to jettison the hoards of fellow tourists for a day and head out to see the fantastic museum at the entrance to the Circuit de la Sarthe. Here’s a taste, starting with a BMW exhibit:

Group 5 BMW CSL A rummage through the Internet turned up this article on Petrolicious on what looks like the same car. Speedhunters also has one, and while it’s not the same car, put a little of this noise of a similar car in your ear holes.

More Bimmerporn:

Onward with a few photos of the permanent collection:

Ferrari 166 MM’s 2.0 liter V12 carried it to victory in 1949.
Citroën 2CV
This Delahaye raced in the 1937-39 races, and once more in ’49.
Where to start…
This GT40 Mk 1 was raced by a French team in the 1967 race. Alas, as the small block Mk1s were wont to do, it blew a headgasket and didn’t finish.
The Jaguar XJR-9 ended 7 straight years of Porsche dominance in 1988.

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